Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catching Up

2013. It really crept up on me! It seems like just yesterday it was October and I was so proud of myself for starting my holiday sewing. I had ambitious plans and did a fairly good job at achieving them but... Here is my dirty secret: I failed to get some of them to their intendeds. Sad! The baby blanket for my cousin who turns 1 in April? Finished in October but still sitting on my table. The Holiday table runners and pillow for her grandmother, parents and aunt and uncle? Also on the table. Now there's a good reason not to buy holiday prints! Whoops. Well, they are family. They will appreciate the gifts whenever they receive them. Right?

I did manage to finish M's quilt and wrap it for Christmas. That makes two completed quilts in 2012 plus the cheater and the baby blanket. Go me!

Now, about 2013. I set ambitious goals for myself. Exercise sometimes. Floss more often. Finally see an allergist. But the goals I am really excited about are these:
1. Conquer the zipper
2. Finish my Anna Maria Horner quilt
3. Sew a baby quilt
4. One more quilt
5. Make a garment for myself
6. Tablecloth
7. Placemats
8. A gift for my sister
9. A Christmas tree skirt
10. Pajamas for the boys

Whew! I set these goals on January 2 and already I have made some progress:
Tablecloth? Done!
Placemats? Done!
AMH quilt? Ready to be basted!
Baby quilt? Well I picked the pattern and the fabric and wow, I am so excited to start cutting!

Happy New Year!


quilt for the boy (M)

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