Thursday, June 11, 2015

For the love of quilters and unicorns


This quilt is a gift to me from the DC Modern Quilt Guild. It is like a big, quilted hug from new friends. Guild members contributed blocks and Carissa, Vice President of the Guild, coordinated, pieced and quilted it. Every time I look at this quilt, I see something new. I am so thankful to have found this quilty home in the DCMQG.

Isn't this bag amazing? Do you see the tiny square of green? LOVE.

Before my diagnosis (breast cancer -- read more from here) I had participated only sparingly in the Guild. I didn't know more than a few of our members. One of the unexpected gifts of my treatment is that by standing out (hello, bald head), I was able to connect with people. I let down my guard, told my story, and let people in. I made friends! It has been so fun getting to know other people who love quilting. The DCMQG has been a not insignificant part of my recovery -- connecting offline, having the meetings to look forward, and finally attending a meeting before my final treatment, and again after it.

My first mom -- a quilter and a beautiful life lost to breast cancer -- loved unicorns. One of my last memories of her is that she had a stuffed unicorn beside her bed. I don't know what meaning unicorns had for her, but they will always remind me of her and our connection. Seeing the unicorn in this quilt was, well, pretty awesome.

In my twenties I sang in a band (don't get too excited -- we weren't very good; but thank you Sister and Sister's Friends for actually paying to hear us!). My favorite song of ours--our best song, if I dare say so--was "Unicorn Cat." I wrote it after a vivid dream in which my cat, yep, had a unicorn horn. It inspired a song about dreams, memories, and connecting with lost loved ones through the subconscious.

It began, "I had a dream that I had a unicorn cat..."

But the best verse was this one:
"Elusive memories I trap inside when I close my eyes,
You appear to me in signs.
These glimpses of past and future fading into one,
No consciousness of time."

No, you can't download the song on iTunes. Ha! That's a funny thought. But the guitarist and I are plotting to record it. So we'll see. Crazier things have happened.

Thank you, Carissa and DCMQG, for creating this beautiful quilt for me! It is magical. XOXO

Linking up to Quilty Thankful Thursday with so. much. gratitude.


  1. What a beautiful gift you've gotten! I'm with you about the unicorn thing...magical beasts! You either love them, or don't care. I'm glad you found a connection with your mom in the quilt. Good thoughts and prayers that this becomes a thing you only remember as in the past.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. Wow, this quilt and how it connects back to such wonderful and poignant memories just gives me goosebumps. Thank you so much for linking up and being brave enough to let more people in. *quilty hugs*

  3. Amazing quilt and such a poignant post! Thanks for sharing it. I lovehow that little unicorn popped up. Had you shared about your mom with any of the members or was this just a gift? It looks like a small piece of Wee Wander fabric, which I so love. The back of the quilt is just as perfect as the front. Really cool!
    How are you feeling these days? My sister had her last infusion two weeks ago. I get to go see her this week so I'm really excited. She has no energy nor muscle mass so she is pretty wiped out. I am hoping she will be gaining strength and energy soon.
    Take care!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story with us and thanks for stopping by my blog. When you get your "Chainlinks" quilt done, please share a picture of it on my blog!