Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Announcing: Creative Empathy!

Here's how it works: I encourage my friends to make a new, unplanned donation to an organization helping people who are unlike them. This could be support for relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Black Lives Matter, or any other organization of their choice. The idea is to open ourselves up to helping people who are different from us. In exchange, I will send my friends a handmade gift. The amount of the donation will remain private--that's between them and the organization. I did ask friends to share the name of the organization, in the hopes that we can all learn about new-to-us organizations that are helping others.

I've made a commitment to send 10 handmade gifts, and for now I am limiting this to my Facebook Friends.

If you're a maker, will you join in? If you share photos of your makes on instagram, let's use the hashtag #creativeempathy. And please follow me @exactlycassandra.

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