Friday, August 22, 2014

Works in Progress

Works in Progress (edited):

1. Baby quilt for a dear friend X

2. Baby quilt for a cousin X
3. Raccoon quilt just because
4. Plus pillow for my new office X
5. Echino bird pillow for my new office
6. Plus quilt
7. Charity quilt blocks for 100 quilts for kids X


1. Berenstein Bears charity quilt for 100 quilts for kids X

2. Far Away quilt for J -- with AMH prints in yellow and lavendar?
3. Kitty quilt for L -- with corals, blues, and pinks


I'm not in love with the star baby quilt I've made for my friend's baby boy. I love the Ed Emberley Happy Drawing prints, but I struggle every time I work with them -- the colors are so saturated and bright and missing something... red? The black and white pindot binding I chose seems to help pull it together.

The best ideas come at night, lying in bed with H, waiting for him to drift off. Last night I figured out that I need two borders within a white border for the raccoon quilt. I cut the first border and put it up on the wall and it is perfect. This is a project I've been working on here and there, just because the raccoons, foxes and flowers make me happy.

My new job is giving me more flexibility and time for dreaming about quilty things. This morning I cut the fabric for my two charity quilt blocks and finalized the layout for the plus pillow I'll put in my new office. I love my quiet Friday mornings at home.

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