Sunday, September 21, 2014

I make time for it.

Yesterday was a beautiful day: I gifted a dear friend with a baby quilt and a divided basket for her  baby boy. We were out to lunch, followed by pedicures. A bunch of moms, celebrating our friend. I am sure she felt appreciated and loved by all of us.

In between things, a couple of moms asked me where I find the time to quilt. I started to make excuses. "Well, some people spend time cooking elaborate meals... I sew while the kids watch tv... (My husband) plays with the kids more..." The topic dropped, but I started to fret. Am I skipping out on more important things (like taking care of my kids) to sew? Am I sticking the kids in front of the TV with a sandwich to get in an hour of me time?

Well, sometimes, sure. But the truth is much simpler: I make time for sewing because it is something I love. I don't do it instead of the (other) important things (work, fun with the kids, walking the dogs, date nights, cleaning, etc. etc.). I do it in addition to them, because when I don't find time to sew, I don't feel whole.

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