Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cruella de Vil

Well, Santa really screwed up big time. I have breast cancer! I'm auditioning code names. Current leader is Cruella. We toyed with Sammy Hagar, Mitch McConnell and Caillou, but it's just better for the soul to hate on a fictional character and hey, Caillou is just a (very annoying) kid.

The Artist and I received the news yesterday morning. The poor doctor who did the biopsy looked stricken. It's only 8-9mm. ER+ and PR-. We don't really know what that means yet but she said it is "favorable." Monday I have an MRI, presumably to see if it is contained, and Tuesday I meet with the breast surgeon. The doctor was not kidding when she said they move fast.

Today I feel remarkably fine. Normal. I am trying to just go with the feeling because soon there will be so much to deal with. A more complete diagnosis, genetic testing, a treatment plan, health insurance to sort out, paperwork, who to tell and when...

Somehow yesterday was a really great day in spite of the bad news. The Artist knows how to take care of me. Lunch in bed, a favorite tv show, a simple DIY project, a walk with the dogs, a trip to goodwill to purge some old toys, and a $300 grocery run. Followed up with an Indian feast.

This could make for a very interesting Christmas letter. "This year C got a great new job -- and cancer!" "Things will really heat up when C starts radiation!" 

FU, Cruella. You are going down.

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