Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sweet zip bags for two MVPs on Team Recovery

There has been a lot of feeling here lately. The other day the mail arrived just as I was about to sit down to tackle the long list of thank yous to family and friends who have sent love, support, and gifts of love and support. I brought the stack of mail in, sat down in my favorite chair with my favorite pillow, and a favorite record playing in the background. In the middle of the junk mail and hospital bills was a tiny brown envelope. And in that envelope was a beautiful necklace handmade by an old friend, sending her love from far away.

It all conspired to make me cry. Big, fat tears of love and gratitude -- and Percocet withdrawal. 

I am a highly sensitive gal, but I swear the Percocet withdrawal was messing with me. Because I must have cried a million times that day, for every reason possible. A few examples:

--This necklace is SO beautiful.
--My friends love me so much!
--My coworkers emailed to say they miss me.
--Last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Sick babies, sister bonding... enough said.
--This chocolate is SO good.
--This fabric is SO beautiful!*
--Honest Kids grape juice is the best juice EVER!
--This HuffPo piece by Carrie Cariello, a mother of an autistic child. It is beautifully-written and reminded me how much I love my nephew, and how courageous my sister-in-law is.

Do you see what is missing? There is no sadness, no feeling sorry for myself. Cancer stinks, but the universe is beautiful. I must have written that on eleventy thousand thank you notes.

And then, just as I was getting ahold of myself, the dog walker arrived. She is the girlies' BFF, no question. And she took one look at me, and gave me a hug. I cried (duh). Bonding with the dog walker. One more person I am so grateful for.

I think my emotions are finally in check today. It was a rough couple of days, no question. Turns out you can't just quit taking a narcotic. You really should follow the doctor's recommended withdrawal schedule. Imagine that. 

*Recovery is expensive! I went a little overboard with the fabric shopping. In my defense, there were two gift certificates involved. (See?! My friends love me.) Photos soon. So much loveliness.

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