Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Stash -- My Fabric Binge

I love fabric and color, print and pattern. It has been hard to resist buying all of the new fabric out there. Because there is so. much. loveliness. Since I've managed to amass quite the stash in just the last few weeks, I'm linking up for my first time ever to Sunday Stash hosted by Molli Sparkles.

I've had lots of time on my hands to dream of sewing, so my sister's friends sent me a gift certificate to Fabricworm, my first favorite online fabric shop. When I was just starting to sew, I would spend hours pinning fabric from Fabricworm to my Pinterest boards. (Now I spend that time sewing. Or buying fabric.) I spent the gift certificate the day it arrived.

Cotton + Steel overload!

Meanwhile, in recovery land, I developed an Instagram addiction. (Instaddiction?) And saw Stitch Supply Co., a new fabric shop, advertising a launch sale. So I bought some more. (You should check them out! What a great new indy shop to support!)

That beautiful AMH fat quarter (top) was a freebie!

And then my online cart at Stash Fabrics filled up with Anna Maria Horner prints I needed (NEEDED!). But I had too much fabric-buying guilt to click through to checkout. So my BFF sent me a gift certificate. She freely admits she is an enabler. So I bought it all. Free shipping with a $50 purchase, and you can buy quarter yards!

AM Horner goodness plus one Doe by C. Friedlander, one Mesa by Alexia Abegg!

But really... the whole fabric buying frenzy started with this haul from the Intrepid Thread:
Honor Roll meets Pretty Potent by AM Horner

I love the Intrepid Thread! I ripped open this package so quickly you missed the sweet handwritten note and the two free charm squares they threw in -- they come with every order! This pile might not look like much, but this is serious yardage. I usually buy half-yards but these Pretty Potent prints were on super sale so I bought whole yards, people. Helpful for a project I'm working on. You'll see soon.

At this point I have more fabric than ideas or space. I'm not proud of all of the shopping I've been doing (hangs head in shame), but I'm going to choose to think of this as the Pile of Potential. And isn't it pretty? The Pretty Pile of Potential.

There probably won't be any more fabric shopping for a while. I'm feeling better and we've got sewing to do. Plus, there just might be a fancy new sewing machine coming home soon...

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  1. Love your haul! I picked up one piece of Tokyo Train Ride myself, am hoping that my local shop will stock Mesa as well.

    1. Thanks! I bought a charm pack of Mesa on a whim and am so glad I did; I hope you can get your hands on some. So purty.

  2. Welcome to Sunday Stash! So glad to see you here. You have a lot of work to do, my friend! Don't you love the fact that we all have enough fabric to sew for the rest of our lives, but we still desperately NEED one more fat quarter...

    1. Haha! Thanks! I could definitely use some more Field Study...

  3. Cassandra, This is quite the pile of fabric! The gifts were well deserved and it is great that you have such a loving supportive family to be there as you go through this stress. Cruella doesn't stand a chance.
    I read through the majority of your blog. You are a very good writer and your attitude is (more than) inspirational. Wishing you the best possible outcome and the least miserable chemo experience. Looking forward to spring and having this all behind you. Peace.