Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in pictures

A lot of sewing in 2014! Maybe I'll make photography a goal for 2016...

QUILTS! I made 12 quilts this year, and gifted 10 of them (6 for new babies, 1 for charity, 1 for a special 5 year old, 1 for mom, and 1 for my BFF on her 40th). The chevron at the bottom right lives in our living room and makes me so happy. It matches the chevron quilt I made my sister last summer. 

A fun, no-sew DIY reupholstery project. Lots of scrap pillows. A bunch of tote bags (at least four, including two Noodlehead 241 totes) and two adorable divided baskets (another awesome Noodlehead pattern). There were also many zipper bags, including three teacher gifts, all using scraps. 

I organized my scraps this year following a tip I saw somewhere (Pinterest?): 2.5in, 3.5in, and 5in squares, as well as strips in a variety of widths. I spent a weekend cutting scraps with the Winter Olympics on in the background. Since then I have been good about keeping up with they scrap pile and tossing tiny bits I won't use. (I do have some smaller than the squares, saved in baggies, but I haven't used them... Not sure if I ever will.) I've had so much fun pulling squares, playing with patterns, and making scrappy pouches and pillows with them.

Right now I have this beautiful scrap quilt on my makeshift design wall:


  1. Nice and colorful projects. Well done!

    1. Oh thanks! My photographs are embarrassingly bad. Something to work on in the future!