Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Works in Progress

My mantra at work is "Just get it done." It has helped me push through projects, bad work environments, yucky politics, you name it. It carries over into my personal life, too. (Case in point, these days I am all about making the doctor appointments, scheduling surgery, lining up the village, taking care of business!)

I like the finish. I try to enjoy the process of things, but I really like reaching the end. The sense of accomplishment, bringing things to completion. That's definitely true of my sewing. I don't tend to ditch projects partway through. On the downside, I sometimes rush. I'm a little too comfortable with approximate. Still, every finish is better than the last.

Anyway, sometimes it is nice to start a new project, and sometimes I do need a break from one until the mood or creativity strikes again. So while I ultimately aim to finish everything, it can be nice to work on a few things at once. I currently have five works in progress (WIPs) waiting to be finished. I entered my first ever Finish Along, which is maybe a little optimistic given that I'm about to have major surgery. But whatever. I'm determined to make time for sewing, and I have got to finish this unicorn quilt SOON!

Left Column:
1. Priory Square fabric. This is a big stretch, but I plan to make a quilt for someone very dear and generous. All I have done is pull the fabric. Which is all from the one collection. Lazy? Practical? Pretty.
2. A scrappy, wonky star I made and let sit because I wasn't wowed by the colors. The Artist (aka Husband) claims to like it. So I'm just going to Get it Done and turn it into a pillow.
3. A fussy cut bird from Echino. This is my latest distraction, just for fun, when I can't be working on something else. I'm going to make myself a mini quilt to hang on the wall. It's a 6.5 inch square, perfect for trying a new quilt block... So far all I've decided is that this bird looks great with the Anna Maria Horner true colors print Haystack Bouquet in "country" (red) or "moss" (blue).

Right Column:
1. Greatest Hits. This is the start of a scrappy quilt full of beloved Anna Maria Horner scraps (and 1-2 Tula Pink favorites). I did have to cut into some fabric to add a few strips, but the vast majority were leftovers sitting in my box of strip scraps! 
2. The Unicorn Quilt. The top and back are done, I just need to make the time and space to baste and quilt this baby. I am so excited about this one, and can't wait to show some photos of it in its full glory! This little photo doesn't do it justice. It is gorgeous. I will be sad to give it away, but it is for one of my favorite littles who is turning 6 in less than 2 weeks. Yikes, that is soon.

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