Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let's do this

Today I have cancer, tomorrow I won't! So wild.

Tomorrow I have surgery. I am feeling ready. A little excited -- weird?! I am just really happy to be moving past cancer and into recovery. It will take a week to get the pathology back, but I am fully expecting to be free and clear.

My parents are here, and my sister and mother in law are coming this weekend. Friends are cooking and helping with the boys. The village is strong! I am so grateful. I spent the long weekend cleaning, making lists, and prepping family and friends to help us manage life the next few weeks. And playing! Trains with the boys, a movie with the boys, and a movie with the husband. There was a little sewing, too.

It might sound a little crazy, but I have to remind myself that this is a big deal. The cancer is small, but the surgery is big. One of the surgeons in GW's breast center practice had the same surgery--preventive, because of a family history of breast cancer--and wrote a sobering piece about what to expect. It will be six weeks of rest and recovery. Pain (and the big feelings). No dog walks, no carrying the boys, no dishes. OK, I'm cheering the no dishes!

So there won't be much sewing happening for the next few weeks, either, but I'm sure there will be fabric shopping and quilt planning. And eventually, a fancy new sewing machine. Rewards for kicking Cruella in the arse.

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