Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Hello, new year. This year I will celebrate my 40th birthday and 15th wedding anniversary. I have been looking forward to this year and to a big party and a big trip (Venice? Hawaii? Disney with the family?). And a fancy new sewing machineCruella's entrance in the final month of 2014 certainly put a damper on things. It has made 2015 seem less like a year for celebrating.  

That said, 2014 was mostly a good year for me. I stretched in my work and figured out what I DONT want to do, landed a fabulous new job that so far is what I DO want to do, made lots of time for sewing and sewed some pretty beautiful things, loved (and was loved by) my guys, and enjoyed being happy. I found peace and balance.

I want those celebrations this year. I want the peace and balance I just found. I will not let Cruella upend my world.

So: happy New Year! Let's do this.

2015 Goals:
1. Kick cruella's arse.
2. Celebrate the heck out of my birthday, anniversary, and achieving goal 1.
3. Live, love, laugh. 

2015 sewing to do list:
1. Tote bag for S's birthday (and a matching change purse?)
2. Finish the unicorn quilt for J
3. Finish the AMH scrap quilt
4. Priory Square quilt for K
5. Quilt for KK (Lizzy house cats? Cotton and Steel kitties?)
6. Baby quilt for B
7. Divided basket for B
8. Divided basket for me!
9. Try 6 new quilt blocks
10. Make a quilt for charity

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