Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Finish of 2015, Secret Blogs

My first finish of the year! I am SO in love with this quilt. I picked up a few prints from the new run of Far, Far Away by Heather Ross and jumped in. As I got started, I added a few Anna Maria Horner prints. I made blocks a bit at random, and the layout confounded me for weeks. But with help from the Artist, we got it just right.

The back is another Heather Ross print (Nanny Bees) with some Kona. I really don't love the Kona color (is it bubblegum?), but I made do with what I had. This is for a purple loving gal who just turned 6 so I'm not too worried. 

When I started this blog I intended to chronicle my sewing adventures. I called it Exactly Approximate to embrace the imperfect. To give myself space to accept that where I am in my sewing journey--aka not an expert--is okay. Things don't have to be perfect to be pretty. I wanted to create space for myself to learn and enjoy the process, including the mistakes, the puckers, the thread tension issues! (I hadn't imagined that I'd also end up chronicling a cancer diagnosis and treatment. But I wanted to record it somewhere, so here it is.)

Of course, this is a relatively Secret Blog. I'm slowing working up the confidence in my writing.

Another thing that has held me back is my lack of photography skills. You can't really have a sewing blog if you don't post photos, and my photography skills are so poor I've been reluctant to take many pictures of my work. I should embrace my photos as "exactly approximate," right?

Lucky me, the Artist was more than enthusiastic about taking some good photos today. He set up his tripod, tacked up the quilt to our garage (see the binder clips holding it?), and took photos until we had something we liked. 

In about an hour this beauty will be out of the wash and I'll run it down the block to the birthday girl. 

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